Oh, those EEEEVIL Quakers!

Via God and Country, regarding the Military Religious Freedom Foundation's response to Christian aid workers charged with proselytizing in Afghanistan:
She said they were “dominionists,” despite the fact that neither of the two organizations espouses a “dominionist” theology. Like Weinstein himself, Burton assigns religious beliefs to those whom she sees fit, regardless of what those people or organizations actually believe. This enables her to continue the MRFF contention they are only “at war” with a “specific sect” of Christians; it’s just that the MRFF gets to determine who is actually in that sect.
... the “sect” they are “at war” with includes the Quakers (who, in Burton’s words, are apparently “willing to use force” to achieve “world domination.” Who knew?).
Amusing. The more I hear about the MRFF, the more I'm convinced that they have to be some kind of avant-garde performance art troupe, the religious/political analogue to the Washington Generals. Because the alternative - that there are people running around who seriously think that Quakers are espousing a doctrine of world domination through force - is just too painful to think about.

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