I send a note off to Ghettoputer over at the Gormogons, because I thought he'd find my snarky comment from yesterday mildly interesting.

And I get a whole post in reply, where he does, in fact, explain the difference between public sector unions and private companies. The unclear intent of my original comment was an attempt to imply that public sector unions are, superficially, no different from public companies. 'Puter does an excellent job of showing that there are differences, and why they matter.

At which point, I have to admit that (a) he's far, far, far more erudite than I am, and (b) he makes excellent points regarding source of capital. Oh, and (c) he's probably better looking than I am, too, dagnabit.

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The Czar of Muscovy said...

No, no matter what horrible, disfiguring incident we hope never occurred during your life, you will always be better looking than 'Puter.