It's Alive!

Page hits are up nearly 400% in the last 12 hours (from 4/day up to 19/day, woohoo!) with the search terms for the last day showing me that we've had people hit the blog looking for:

1. jon stewart (6)
2. glenn beck (5)
3. bianca kajlich (2)
4. anna malova 3/2010 arrest (1)
5. john stewart glenn beck kennedy (1)
6. jon stewart glenn beck (1)
7. jon stewart slams glenn beck (1)
8. power to become the sons of god (1)
9. taylor momsen (1)

Not a whole lot of damage there. But look! Now I've mentioned Taylor Momsen, Jon Stewart, Glenn Beck and Bianca Kajlich twice in one day, in two different posts. That's got to be worth something, you'd think. I'll have to check back tomorrow.

I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed that nobody seems to care about John Travolta's poor dog, though.

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