Funding Your Startup

Came across this via the "On Startups" group on LinkedIn:

Now, I've never had to fund a startup... but I've worked for a number of 'em, and I've considered (off and on) starting my own company; enough so that I did some research on funding, including reading Guy Kawasaki's The Art of the Start, Kenneth Hess' Bootstrap, and a couple of other books on startups.  Oh, and of course, all the various web-based resources.  All of them seem to make the same points, some in more entertaining (Kawasaki) and some in more narrative (Hess) formats.  If you're looking for a quick and dirty, "Hmm... do I have what it takes, financially, to start my own company?" question, then this is a nice quick rundown - kind of a financing options checklist- of the various possibilities you may want to explore.

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rredmond said...

Good linkage! Thanks. As a Social Worker I've always been more attune to the business side of Social Service agencies and use to supervising the Clinicians.
Though not part of "startups" per se I have been part of RFPs and creating Departments/Programs where none existed before.