Happy Half-Price Chocolate Day!

While February 14th is for those sappy romantic couples who want nothing more than to sit in a dimly lit restaurant , staring into each other's puppy-dog eyes, today is the day for those of us who really love someone else. Because, after all, the only thing that says "I love you" more than a 1-lb chocolate heart is... two 1-lb chocolate hearts for the price of one!

There are lots of folks who recognize and celebrate this unique holiday. (Of course, it's more important to some people than others.) With this many people, they may think it's an organization... and if we can get 50 people, why, they may think it's a movement!

Demonstrate your intelligence, your compassion, and your love today, and give your local economy a boost at the same time. Celebrate half-price chocolate day with someone you love (or your cat... let's face it, it's not a picky sort of holiday that's all hung up on tradition, you know). Then, tomorrow, you can start looking forward in eager anticipation to that next delicious holiday - Half-Price Candy Day, traditionally celebrated on November 1st, of course.

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