This Is Not The Samantha You Are Looking For

A while back, a young lady in the UK managed to mistype her email address for an online Victoria's Secret order, and I ended up getting all her shipping updates.  I would have let her know, but... wrong email address.  I am pleased to report that her shipment arrived on time and (as far as I can tell) she got what she ordered.

Now, though, I am getting daily email updates on specials from Victoria's Secret. I would unsubscribe and/or relegate them to the spam folder, but I've put it off for too long. I mean, after their Panty Party Sale emails, it really feels like we've bonded, you know?

Plus, how else will I know that the "#1 New Sexy Summer Bra" is on sale?  (Though they never seem to have it in my size, for some reason.)

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