Some Commendations

Still in house-obsessed mode.  I have heard say that people are ten times more likely to complain than compliment, so I figured I should make an effort to note the insurance-related organizations and people we have interacted with positively over the past year.

First round of kudos go to our insurance company, Mutual Benefit.  I can't say enough good about these folks. You know all those horror stories you hear about how insurance companies treat their customers after a major disaster? Not even a hint of anything like that. These folks did right by us, and even went above and beyond what they were absolutely obligated to do. Highly recommended.

Next up is RE/CON, the group that Mutual Benefit brought in to handle our fire investigation. Absolutely top-notch people. Bob Ryhal in particular deserves commendation for his dedication, professional attitude and calm demeanor (especially while while interviewing us and our girls about the circumstances). I'm not sure how many folks reading this will ever need to talk to a professional investigative service... but if you do end up in that situation, I'd recommend RE/CON.

And, finally - the company that handled our claim with Mutual Benefit, Vericlaim. Pat and Scott Bonnani (a father/son team) were our adjusters, and were absolutely, positively, 100% amazing. The amount of effort they put into our case was impressive. I called Pat at one point, and although I hadn't talked to him for two weeks and caught him in a parking lot between meetings, he was able to rattle off a string of pending payment numbers for me down to the dollar - and apologized that he couldn't be more accurate than that! The diligence and effort that Pat and Scott put into handling our claim were a comfort, and made a HUGE difference in our lives over the past year.

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