This is the funniest thing on teh intarwebs today.

Larry Correia talks about the current SJW Cannibal Feeding Frenzy, which is, of course, amusing. By all means, RTWT!  The penultimate paragraph is what really made me laugh out loud, though (emphasis mine):
This is one reason I’ve been enjoying the hell out of GamerGate. First, it has been awesome having a great big group of people witness the same bullshit that my industry has been dealing with for years. Second, SF/F people tend to be squishy and polite, with a handful of outspoken outliers like me and the rest of the Evil League of Evil, so SJWs have run roughshod over my industry… But gamers? Holy shit. You really think you can pick a fight with people whose brains are programmed to win? Gamers will outlast, outthink, and outfight the SJWs. Tell a Gamer that there is loot or XP in it, and he’ll grind SJWs to the grave.
Kind of puts it into perspective, I think.

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