Halloween Horror

Interrogative whiskey tango foxtrot?

An intoxicated man with a heavily bleeding head wound told Seattle Police Department officers a man dressed as a clown hit him with a wrench at a house party Saturday night in Maple Leaf.
Two men dressed as clowns and armed with purple sex toys allegedly accosted an Illinois woman and her teenage daughter as they attempted to buy tickets to a haunted house, according to a lawsuit.
Residents in the California towns of Bakersfield and Wasco have recently been plagued by stalking, scary clowns. 
The clowns have appeared over the past few weeks, often at night. Sometimes people saw the clowns, staring at them silently from a street corner or darkened parking lot. Often, however, the clowns were photographed in front of various city landmarks, the images shared on social media. While most of the clowns held nothing more sinister than a creepy scowl and a handful of balloons, some have been seen photographed wielding large weapons such as machetes or baseball bats.
And the pièce de résistance, there are evil clowns terrorizing people in France:
A 14-year-old dressed as a clown was arrested on Monday near Paris for attempting to attack a woman, as a strange phenomenon of fake, evil clowns terrorising passers-by spreads in France. 
Complaints have poured in recently over "armed clowns" wreaking havoc in various parts of the country, and police have detained several people dressed as the pranksters - some carrying pistols, knives and baseball bats.
And, of course, the biggest clown of all:

Suddenly, all those other clowns don't seem nearly as scary.

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