It's Organic!

The horror!
"State lawmakers Wednesday approved billions of dollars in cuts to welfare, medical programs for the poor and in-home care for the elderly and frail."
Oh, those vicious, cruel, sociopathic politicians! Throwing the poor, the elderly, the young under the bus to serve their own political ends!

What state was this? Wisconsin? Ohio? PENNSYLVANIA?!?

Tell me, where did those unholy Tea Party Rethuglicans perpetuate this travesty of...

... wait. What?


Noooooo. Couldn't be.

I mean, that's a nice blue state. Democrats don't do things like that. They most certainly don't favor their own financial backers over everybody else for purely political reasons!
[Republicans] are demanding that he and Democrats agree to some combination of concessions on government worker pensions...
... except when, you know, they do.

Which, of course, is all the time.

Out of deference to our environmentally conscious brethren in California, might I suggest you consider a small purchase from Amazon?

It's organic!

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