Since TJIC isn't around to say it right now...

... I guess that I'll just have to step up to the plate.

Public school administrators using webcams in school-issued laptops to secretly monitor students in their own homes? Noooo. They'd never violate someone's privacy that way, would they? Or treat their students as if they were criminals?

This is either an example of sheer stupidity, or incredible arrogance. Yesterday, the primary debate I saw online wasn't about if something like this would be against the law, but instead how many laws may have been broken... ranging from computer hacking, privacy violations, and all the way up to possibly violations of child pornography laws.

If it's the former, then maybe the school district needs to bring in Fances Gallo to help advise them on a proper course of resolution.

If it's the later... well. Rope.

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