How I quit worrying and learned to love...

Arcane Brilliance.

Actually, that's a lie.  I've pretty much loved Arcane Brilliance since my first encounter with it.  Though I don't understand the warlock hate.  I mean... come on.  Let us join together with our fellow players, yea, even the warlocks, so that we might utterly annihilate the true enemies of all that is right and good in the world!

No... not the Lich King!  Sheesh!  He's pretty much going down as soon as he shows up.  Are you kidding me?  No, I mean the one real enemy we can get behind... Blood Elf pallys.  Ugh.  Just saying it makes me want to take a bath.

Anyways... may I quote a passage that managed to inflict an unexpected reverse-nasal coffee experience upon my person?  Of course I can!

Until it is capped, no other stat is as important as hit rating. Though they're becoming more and more rare these days, you'll still run into people who will argue that fact. These people are uninformed, and might also have some sort of cognitive limitation, so be nice to them. They may also believe things like "rainbows are made of skittles," and "Antifreeze tastes great!"
 Hey!  You got you humor in my MMORPG number crunching!  And... wow.  Tastes great!

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