Nom Nom Nom

Hugo Nominations are open!

I suggest nominating Donald Trump for "Best Dramatic Presentation", because the consistent fiction that he's a conservative certainly deserves an award. Though he will probably face stiff competition from Hillary Clinton; her performance art piece where she imitates a soulless robot faking human emotions is a darling of the critics.

"Is it secret? Is it safe?"

Well... no, not really.

"Listen, and understand! LinkedIn is out there! It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are connected."

Even if you're running a double secret private email server, apparently.

Crawl, You Will

Via ResearchBuzz, a pointer to a database of all the dungeon crawlers:
The primary purpose of this website is to give the fans of first-person grid-based dungeon crawler games a place to discover new ones to play, or maybe rediscover lost gems.
Legend of Grimrock, Dungeon Master, Might and Magic, Akalabeth, The Bard's Tale... all there.  The current list is very much oriented towards graphics-based PX dungeon crawlers.  No mention of Nethack, Rogue, Ultimate Rogue, or any other curses-based games, though that may change as games get suggested and added.

Happy Birthday!

The wonderful news is that you can sing "Happy Birthday" to the Embedded Theologian today, royalty free!  Well, probably.  Possibly.  Maybe.

Sigh... we'll see.  In any case: ETheo is eight years old today! Which is a bit odd to me, seeing as it means that my tenure as a blogger is now officially longer than any other job I've ever held in my life. Apparently I have a lot to say, and what's somewhat disturbing is that there are actual real people willing to listen to my electronic blathering.

Granted, that's not quite as disturbing as the couple of readers who are now singing "Happy Birthday" to their computers, but hey, I'm sure your co-workers, boss and HR reps will totally understand.

Have some cake on me.  Feel free to send the bill to Bernie Sander's campaign, though.  I hear he just loves paying for "free" stuff.

So, Yeah, This Happened...

At hapkido last night, with our instructor, who happens to be a police detective.
Instructor : OK, who do we have...  yellow belts, green belt, blue belt...
Eldest Daughter : High blue belt.
Instructor : [raises eyebrows] High blue belt.
Me : Well, she worked pretty hard for that high.
Instructor : [gives me a look]
Me : That... did not come out the way that I thought that it would.