"Shell Here" utility for Mac OS X

Developers on Windows tend to find the "Command Prompt Here" utility from the Power Toys collection pretty quickly.  This is a small utility that adds an entry to the normal Explorer context menu that lets you open up a command prompt that's already changed directory to the selected Explorer window.  Very nice if your daily routine includes a mix of navigating via the GUI to get to a point where you want to dig into a bunch of files using command line utilities.

Cygwin users have a similar utility, "Shell Here", which lets a user open a bash (or other) shell supported by Cygwin, again via a context menu.  Again, very nice - even more so, in that you get a full-featured unix shell (bash, csh, ksh, or what have you) instead of a plain Jane windows command prompt.

So... what about Mac users?  I found myself missing this functionality today, went looking... and found the following script:

This lets you add a button to the Finder menu bar that will open a Terminal window in the selected directory.  As an added bonus, it understands Terminal tabs - so an holding down the Apple key when you click on the button opens up a new Terminal tab instead of a new Terminal window.


Debian is switching to EGLIBC

This is one of those things that, if you know what they're talking about, makes you go, "Wow!" and have deep conversations with other like-minded individuals who are blown away by the implications of not having to deal with glibc cruft.

If you don't know and don't care about what glibc is... then "Meh. Geeks."

For you, instead, have a dancing cat: