Happy Anniversary Baby!

Couple of things going on...

First - you might have heard that I am indeed running for president.

Yes, I am serious.

Yes, I have participated in a number of Libertarian presidential debates.

Check it out.

Second - you might have heard that there is a book in the works.

Well, not an entire book, but a short story in a collection called "Supernatural Streets".

Lots of good folks in this one, so keep on the lookout for the release announcement.

Third and finally - while there may not be a lot of content here any more (curse you, social media!) this old blog is still ticking over. Happy 11th anniversary to the Embedded Theologian.  Please consume your favorite dessert today in honor of this momentous occasion, and if anyone gives you grief over it, let them know that some Random Internet Guy Running For President said it's OK ;)