The Campaign Commercial I Want To See

[BERNIE SANDERS is hustling down a long hall in Congress, surrounded by aides who are talking animatedly with hm.]

[ELIZABETH WARREN is hustling down a similar hall, also surrounded by aides who are handing her papers and discussing something heatedly.]

[PULL BACK the camera to see that the two of them are approaching the same corner of a hallway from opposite directions... at which point they collide, and papers go flying everywhere.]

[ZOOM IN on aides from both sides scurring to gather up the papers as SANDERS and WARREN pick themselves up.  When they are on their feet, the aides hand each of them a stack of disorganized papers.]

[SANDERS and WARREN begin looking through their papers.]

SANDERS: Hey! You got your stupid populism in my crappy socialism!

WARREN: What? You got your stupid socialism in my crappy populism!

[Both pause for a second, and start to smile... FADE OUT to a political rally where an two indistinct individuals are on stage, and the crowd is cheering.  ZOOM IN on JULIA and PAJAMA BOY at the rear of the crowd.]

JULIA: Like, you know, wow!  She is so, like, you know, wow!  Everybody says she's cool, and I think she's cool, and she's like, you know, going to do cool stuff!  She said so!

PB: Oh, yeah!  Cool stuff like FREE COLLEGE FOREVER!  I can put off becoming a functional adult INDEFINITELY!

JULIA: Thanks, Bernie Warren!

PB: Thanks, Elizabeth Sanders!

[JULIA and PB look at each other and laugh.]

JULIA and PB: [together] We don't even know who's who!

[FADE OUT to logo/voiceover]

ANNOUNCER: Sanders/Warren 2016.  Crappy Ideas For Stupid People.  Or... Stupid Ideas For Crappy People.  Whatevs.

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